Fresh Air Never Felt So Good: S.R. Johannes’ SUFFOCATE

I mentioned a few posts back that Shelli Johannes Wells spoke at an SCBWI writer’s workshop, and she mentioned that she’d be releasing the novelette, SUFFOCATE. And guess what? Today’s the day!

I just read the first couple chapters, and seriously, I wanted to run outside and gulp a few mouthfuls of our lovely, semi-clean air. Here’s why:

“For centuries, the world outside the Biome has been unlivable. Today marks the first time anyone will attempt to leave the suffocating ecosphere. Eria is not worried because her scientist father has successfully tested the new Bio-Suit many times. It’s a celebratory day until something goes horribly wrong. In the midst of tragedy, Eria uncovers a deep conspiracy that affects the very air she breathes. 

If those responsible find out what she knows, they won’t stop hunting her until she takes her last breath.”

So you can see why I have this suffocating feeling going on here. SUFFOCATE is the first novelette in THE BREATHLESS series. It is a 15,000 word young adult thriller that combines the dystopic and science fiction genres. The 2nd novella in the series, CHOKE, is scheduled for Fall 2012. The 3rd, EXHALE, is scheduled for Winter 2013.

For now, you can purchase SUFFOCATE for just 99¢ for your Kindle or Nook. And if you don’t have either, you’ll want to zip over to Shelli’s blog here to find out how you can win one during The Indelibles Beach Bash. And you can also win a copy of SUFFOCATE. (P.S. She’s giving away five copies!)

And now that I’ve caught my breath, I’m off to finish reading. (Happy Release Day, Shelli!)

5 thoughts on “Fresh Air Never Felt So Good: S.R. Johannes’ SUFFOCATE

    • Very smart, Sally. She’s learned a lot along the way of pubbing her novels, and she writes about the journey on her blog–numbers, names, the good, the bad, the ugly. She should write THAT book!

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