Friday’s Fun Find: Notes! (Of the Passive-Aggressive Variety)

I feel like I should preface the sharing of this link with a little caveat or two…

Firstly, you may find words and sentiments at said link not quite suitable for the kiddies. They will be funny words and sentiments, but still.

And secondly, you should know that I don’t condone passive-aggressive behavior and/or notes. In fact, it makes me a little crazy. I am all about honesty and saying what you mean. Except that often times, saying what you mean, and being perfectly honest, may not be nice. In which case, I am all about keeping my mouth shut. Because for heaven’s sake, I grew up in the South, and though we are fully capable of taking passive-aggressive to a whole ‘nother level, we know better. And we especially know to never write it down.

So without further ado, I give you the creative, not to mention sometimes hilarious (but not always that passive), writing from Passive-Agressive Notes. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Friday’s Fun Find: Notes! (Of the Passive-Aggressive Variety)

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