Boost Your Brain Power! For Free!

So I was chatting with a dear friend who’s recovering from brain surgery (I know–brain surgery! But she’s coming along well.). And she told me her doctor had recommended she stimulate her brain through the activities at Lumosity. So I checked out the site, played a few games, and all in all, deemed myself (and my brain) way stimulated.

But then I realized I’d have to pay a subscription fee for Lumosity. Er…maybe I could just go back to the Word Jumble in the paper (though I never can figure out those scrambled words). I was in a bit of a funk till I realized (thank goodness I’d stimulated my brain or I would never have come upon a second realization) that I have a couple copies of Chicken Soup for the Soul Boost Your Brain Power!

And you know what’s inside that book? “Revealing personal stories, clear medical advice, and tips”  to energize your brain at any age. So I thought I should read the whole book very carefully, take a few notes, get with the brain program. And then I thought I should send a copy to my friend who’s recovering from brain surgery. And then I thought, Hey! I’ll give away a copy to one of my blog followers!

So, leave a comment on this post today through June 24th. On Monday the 25th, I’ll select a random winner. It would be really swell if your comment had a brain-stimulating tip to share. Because honestly, I need plenty of stimulatin’ to keep ahead of the Beneficent Mr. Hall.


19 thoughts on “Boost Your Brain Power! For Free!

  1. Cathy: I would LOVE to win a book of the book and give it to my mom who needs some brain boosting tips. And here’s a BB tip: for those who love to do the Word Jumbles or for those who love to TRY to do the Word Jumbles, there’s an activity book by the guy who writes the jumbles, David L. Hoyt. It’s called “Word Winder” and you wind your way through a square/rectangle of letters finding words that have to touch on one side the previous letter in the word. They’re fun and some are more challenging than others. Find the book at B & N on one of those tables you pass in the aisle.

    • You’re in the pot, Gail, and thanks for the tip! Though I’m absolutely serious about those word jumbles–I can usually do the first one SO easily, so I move to the second one and stare…and stare…and stare. (I’ll look for the book!) 😉

  2. Count me in! The only tip I can think of off the top of my head (see, I need a copy of this book!) is to stand on one leg wile you brush your teeth. It helps with balance. Oh, and use your other hand to hold your toothbrush because that stimulates a different part of the brain. Of course, if you stand on one leg and and use your other hand, well, that might make quite a mess – toothpaste everywhere! 🙂

    • I have not heard the standing on one leg tip, Madeline, though I can see how that would be useful. Assuming, of course, that you don’t fall and break a hip. 😉

  3. I have heard that learning a foreign language is a brain booster. Pig latin does not count, sadly.

    I am sure there are sites on the internet that would provide mini foreign language lessons, right?

    • Sioux, I don’t know why Pig Latin doesn’t count. I mean, I have to think to come up with those words! 😉

      (P.S. I’m amazed at how much French I remember from my younger days, but when I even think of learning Spanish, my brain revolts! Still, I think that’s probably a very good brain-boosting tip!)

  4. I don’t have a brain boosting tip, but I do love the way Mr. Hall has become a character on your blog. I’m always happy to see him making an appearance. I miss Sally the crazy dog (was it crazy or..what was the adjective), though. You need to get another pet. Perhaps a puppy for the Beneficent Mr. Hall.

    • Yes, it was Sally the Crazy Dog. And as one MUST be crazy to get along with the Beneficent Mr. Hall, I’m holdiing off on getting another dog. For now. 😉

  5. Although I would love to win the “Boost Your Brain Power” book, I vote for Madeline’s tips. I’m going to try them right away. One project I’m doing to help my memory — and maybe use it for a family history — is I’m trying to remember all the addresses I’ve ever lived at over the years. I’m beginning to think I’m part gypsy.
    Donna V.

    • I’ve had quite a few addresses, too, Donna! Are you counting apartments? Because I’m danged if I can remember those…(I can still remember a radio ad for one of the apartments we lived in. Mr. Hall was the voice for it, and the commercial was going for suave and sophisticated. But since we all KNEW Mr. Hall, we thought that commercial was hysterical. And really? It kinda was.)

  6. Hey Cathy, I haven’t been by in awhile so this is likely late in the game but I like the look of the blog. The brain is like the rest of the body, you don’t lose what you use. We hooked my 72 year old mother up with Words With Friends and WOW she’s turned into a dynamo. My two cents: eat right, it’s good for the brain and the whole body.

  7. I am living proof that the internet and the computer helps older people think better. I am almost 70 with many health issues. I have been learning new computer skills and problems solving patience for 10-12 years. I blog and build websites, I am very active on Twitter and Facebook. I email. I learn new software and gadgets. I do not play computer games. I have connected with many young geeks and learn from them.

    Another biggie to keep young. Laugh. As humorist Jeanne Robertson says, “look for the humor.”

    • Oh, Linda, you make me feel so lazy! 😉

      And I agree with you 100% on laughter. It really is the best medicine!

  8. Hey Cathy! I can certainly use a boost. Boosting brain power idea: memorize your grocery list by “placing” the items on your body. Imagine balancinga gallon of milk on your head, rolling eggs up and own your outstretched arm, a loaf of bread squashed under your arm pit. Well ewww, if that didn;t make your brain ping…

    • Hahahhaa! I don’t know about my brain pinging but I laughed out loud! Thanks for the (funny) tip, Linda!

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