And The Winning Brain Is…

I suppose it would be more proper to say the winner of Chicken Soup’s Boost Your Brain Power is…




But just think of what a winning brain she’s going to have! Yay!

(Bet you were hanging about, thinking, dang. It’s almost 11:00 and we have no idea who’s going to win this book. Cathy’s probably sitting around, piddling on FB and whatnot instead of throwing those names into the hat and marching the Beneficent Mr. Hall in there to pick a name.

But that is completely false. I was watching America’s Got Talent.)

Freelancer Tip and Other Super Stuff

Just a heads up that I’m over at The Muffin today, blogging about a freelancer tip that will start you on the road to profitability.

Ooooh, that sounds good, doesn’t it? I should use that hook again. (Um, yeah. You’ll probably see it next week.)

And a reminder that it’s not too late to leave a comment to win Chicken Soup’s Boost Your Brain Power. So dash over here for a chance that will start you on the road to brainy brilliance. (Technically, it’s not the exact same line. So it doesn’t count.)

Oh, wait! My friend, Sally Apokedak, is giving away a Kindle Fire over at her blog. So you’ll want to dash over there and sign up before it’s too late!

You know, a freelance tip and a book doesn’t seem half as exciting now.

More Brain Stuff

So I picked up my AARP magazine–well, not my AARP magazine, the Beneficent Mr. Hall’s AARP magazine–and started reading an article on how getting out of your comfort zone is good for you and your brain.

How weird is that? I mean, I’m giving away Chicken Soup’s Boost Your Brain Power (you still have time to comment and win if you go HERE) and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying all the suggestions in the comments for ways to boost my brain power, and then bam! The article in AARP.

So I said to Mr. Hall, “We should do something different every day, get out of our comfort zone, make ourselves brilliant.”

Of course, Mr. Hall thinks he’s already brilliant, but he played along. “Like what?”

I told him I had tickets for that show, Family Feud. It’s filming at the Fox, here in the ATL next week. “And you’re going,” I said.

“What?” he said. “I don’t want to be on that show. I’d have to come up with stuff like…I don’t even know. And I’d have to get dressed up. And–”

I seriously could not take another minute of Mr. Hall’s craziness. “Do you honestly think that if you were going to be ON Family Feud NEXT WEEK, I’d just now be telling you about it?”

He toddled off to bed. But I threw a copy of Boost Your Brain Power after him. That man needs a lot more help than an article from the AARP magazine.

(P.S. The AARP website has some cool brain games you can try to boost your brain power. I’ve been working out regularly, but I’m starting to worry. I could end up with a super brain while the Beneficent Mr. Hall…not so much.)


Boost Your Brain Power! For Free!

So I was chatting with a dear friend who’s recovering from brain surgery (I know–brain surgery! But she’s coming along well.). And she told me her doctor had recommended she stimulate her brain through the activities at Lumosity. So I checked out the site, played a few games, and all in all, deemed myself (and my brain) way stimulated.

But then I realized I’d have to pay a subscription fee for Lumosity. Er…maybe I could just go back to the Word Jumble in the paper (though I never can figure out those scrambled words). I was in a bit of a funk till I realized (thank goodness I’d stimulated my brain or I would never have come upon a second realization) that I have a couple copies of Chicken Soup for the Soul Boost Your Brain Power!

And you know what’s inside that book? “Revealing personal stories, clear medical advice, and tips”  to energize your brain at any age. So I thought I should read the whole book very carefully, take a few notes, get with the brain program. And then I thought I should send a copy to my friend who’s recovering from brain surgery. And then I thought, Hey! I’ll give away a copy to one of my blog followers!

So, leave a comment on this post today through June 24th. On Monday the 25th, I’ll select a random winner. It would be really swell if your comment had a brain-stimulating tip to share. Because honestly, I need plenty of stimulatin’ to keep ahead of the Beneficent Mr. Hall.


Feeling Really Smart! (Oops! Not So Fast, Sister–)

So I opened up this box that arrived at the Cathy C. Hall house and wheeee! It was Chicken Soup for the Soul Boost Your Brain Power!

And yes,  I am rather fond of exclamation points, but that exclamation point in the title was put there by the Chicken Soup people, not yours truly. Though I am all for boosting brain power and honestly, I would’ve probably added an exclamation point had there not been one.

Anyway, perusing this book (not just my own story with my personal method for boosting brain power) made me feel lots smarter than I did when I woke up this morning. So wheeeee again! But I would caution you against feeling too smart. Because that is just when you get your comeuppance.

For me, it came up with a map. Specifically, I realized (this afternoon) that I would need a map of the town that’s protrayed in the novel I’m working on. Which shouldn’t be that difficult. But anyone who has ever driven in a car with me–or walked in a neighborhood–or heck, been in a really big building–knows that I have this “issue” with maps. I can’t follow ’em.

That might make drawing a map a bit of a problem. But I’m going to double check in my Boost Your Brain Power! book, see if anyone wrote a story about that. Because there are some seriously smart people in Boost Your Brain Power!

(I’m not sure how I got in there. But I think that calls for an exclamation point or two, don’t you?!!)