Don’t Hate Me

I wasn’t going again. Honest. But seriously, people, it’s hot. I mean, squirrels-knocking-on-the-window-to-get-in hot.

So it was either stick around the ATL with the Beneficent Mr. Hall (and the knocking squirrels) or zip to my parents’ house, a couple blocks from sand and surf.

And so I’ve stocked the fridge with watermelon and popsicles. I’m sure Mr. Hall and any Junior Halls stuck lucky enough to be around the homestead will be fine.

But I suspect I will be finer.

P.S. I had a coherent thought or two before my brain cells dehydrated.  I shared it over at The Muffin. Maybe if’s there’s a good breeze on the beach, I’ll have another brilliant thought in a day or two. But if I were you, I’d just check out The Muffin and take a nap.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Hate Me

  1. I already read your post–great advice–and left a comment. And no, I don’t hate you because I am NOT a beach-lover (unlike Linda O’Connell) and will be in Navarre, Florida this week, getting a grammy fix…

  2. Take me with you!!!! I’m just about hot enough to go cram myself in the kiddie pool in the backyard and no one wants to see that. 🙂
    I’ve already had my nap, so I guess I’ll zip over the The Muffin now. Have fun at the beach!

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