Friday’s Fun Find: Museum of Hoaxes

When I was a kid, I loved those Ripley’s Believe It or Not comic books. I eventually visited one of the museums and I am not gonna lie. I thought it was pretty cool–the Junior Halls, not so much. But the point is, I love hoaxes and such and I love museums. So when I saw the Museum of Hoaxes, well, I was all over that like mud on a hog.

(Actually, I have no idea why I’d use that expression. I grew up a block away from a city bus route…)

Anyway, it’s time to find Friday’s Fun and I’m going with the Museum of Hoaxes. Really, it’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

(Actually, I have no personal experience with a barrel of monkeys, but still…)

6 thoughts on “Friday’s Fun Find: Museum of Hoaxes

  1. Great site, Cathy! I also like for urban legends. I had a good laugh when I first saw the Rachael Ray picture on Facebook. Then I enjoyed seeing the fake Back to the Future picture, because October 26 is my oldest son’s birthday. But didn’t someone say if it’s on the Internet it has to be true?

  2. This site looks like A) something you would love, and B) a place I could waste a lot of time! 🙂 I just saw the Back to the Future one posted on facebook a few days ago. Cute post!

    • Right there with you, Val. (I did not know how crazy, er, convoluted some conspiracies could be till I went to Dallas. That place is crawling with “creative” thinkers…) 😉

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