Just a Note (And Why You Need More)

I am a serious scribbler. I mean, I am always jotting a note here and a note there. I have the most interesting notes ever. If I could figure out what my notes are about. Take this one:

67 X 0552        CVS-Socks

That is an actual note I just found on my desk. I have NO idea why those numbers are important. I kinda think I may have needed to pick up socks at CVS. But I have no idea why that note would be with my Important Writing Stuff. Was there a story in socks at CVS? Was that number the code to a website unlocking the secrets of the writing universe? I shall never know.

Last week, I came across a note where I had jotted down details from a story my friend told me. My friend (Mr. Bill) really, seriously has the most interesting stories. He thinks differently, sees the world differently. And so I’m always stopping him, saying, “Wait. You did what?” And then I write down what he did. Someday, that man’s stories are going to make me millions.

But only if I can remember what “lunch, Macon, bbq” was all about.

And so, while I stare at the 16 notes in front of me, and ponder this gem, “Blogs higher in search engines…others blah-blah-blah,” I hope you will take note of my point.

8 thoughts on “Just a Note (And Why You Need More)

  1. It IS amusing (and frustrating at times) when I find a note and wonder ‘What is that all about?’

    And Cathy, since I think I’m a bit older than you, I just want to warn you: It only gets worse.

    • Well, that’s not a very happy thought. On the other hand, maybe I’ll just forget to write notes. Problem solved! 😉

  2. It’s even worse when you have awful handwriting – not only does the note not make sense, but neither do the actual words.

    (Remember that ancient “Seinfeld” episode where Jerry wrote a note down in the middle of the night and spent the next day asking everyone what they thought it said? And then when he finally figures it out, it’s not even close to being as funny as he thought it was? Been there, done that.) 🙂

    • Me, too, Madeline! And my handwriting’s horrid. The nuns would be apopletic if they saw my cursive letters. (I usually print my notes!)

  3. Ah…yes, Madeline above me. The Flaming Globes of Sigmund!

    Cathy, perhaps you need 67 pairs of socks at $5.52 per pair. I think you should shop around.

    Maybe your can help me decipher this note to self: “soda stealer backbone of America built it but like Australian prisoners can be shifty.”

    • Val, that thought occurred to me as well. But $5.52 seemed on the high side, even for those spiffy CVS socks.

      As for YOUR note, I’m pretty sure it’s about Coke and Russell Crowe.

  4. Too funny.

    I just deleted a bunch of notes from my phone. I was afraid to do it. I know I wrote them because they were important. But I had no idea what the meant.

    I put 67 X 0552 into Google.

    Maybe you were thinking of buying an antique wall map:

    Antique Map Wall Tapestry, 67″ X 53″
    Item# F0552-67×53. $258.99. Antique Map Wall Tapestry, 67in X 53in. This map tapestry wall … Size of the tapestry: 67″ x 53″, 45″ x 35″; – Quality : jacquard …

    Or you were researching desks for your ghost story:

    Desks – Renaissance Custom Furniture
    Hand-carved feet. Iron ventilation grate. French corners. Hand-rubbed finish, custom color, distressed. #0552 His & Hers office 67 W x 90 D x 92 H, Knotty Cherry …

    • OH MY GOSH! Sally, I think that number was the product number for the bathroom vanity I liked! (I didn’t buy that one–but yay! I can throw that note away!)

      The old Google trick…brilliant! 😉

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