Friday’s Fun Find: Unexplained Stories

The Beneficent Mr. Hall will say that I am a sucker for any weird and mysterious unexplained story that comes along. But honestly, that pretty much explains why I married the Beneficent Mr. Hall.

Anyway, when I stumbled onto the Before Its News website (The Muffin has been syndicated there!) and found an entire section devoted to the unexplained…well, I was in UFO, aliens, ghosts, frog marriages (Yes, frog marriages) heaven.

Just today, Friday the 13th, there were three UFO stories. Three! It really makes you wonder why we’re not falling all over UFO’s–or why one of the Junior Halls hasn’t brought an alien home for dinner yet. (I mean, as a guest. Not the main course.)

Of course, there was the obligatory Friday the 13th “get your freak on” story.

And it goes without saying that I had to read about Marilyn Monroe’s ghost caught on film.

Come on. It was the ghost of Marilyn Monroe. On film. (Okay, I’m just going to go on record to say that I don’t think that it’s Marilyn. It could be a curtain. Or a sheet. Or someone waving a curtain or sheet in front of a fan in front of a mirror. Seriously, people, I’ve seen 5th grade science fair projects with better photography than this image.)

So I suppose what I’m saying is that this might not be the most factual news source on the Internets. But you know, it is fun.

P.S. I’d also like to clear up any confusion re: The Muffin. We’re not in the Unexplained category. We’re in the la-ti-da Books section, thank you very much.

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