The Website, It Is A-Changing

So I decided to let my website expire and I’m feeling a little…oh, what’s the word?


Okay, that was way more than a word. But what can you expect–I just tossed four years of my writing career!

Fine. I’m being a bit melodramatic. So I didn’t toss it. I know where my writing is, and I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about where my writing’s going. So really, letting my website go is just making room for the next step. And, of course, I’m still here, and I’ve been tweaking the old blog, making it nice and writerly and even more Cathy C. Hallish.

But still, somebody has to tell Gladys the Goose. And if you thought I overreacted…

10 thoughts on “The Website, It Is A-Changing

  1. I once tried to taunt a goose when I was a kid. It chased me and was such a formidable foe, I jumped on top of the hood of the car.

    Never mess with a goose…You’d better be careful how to break the news to her.

  2. Geese are scary. Not Gladys of course, but I’m sure she was highly annoyed to be losing her spot of fame. I’m so glad you’re keeping the blog. So tell us more about where things are going for you and how letting the website go fits into it. Please?

    • Well, Suzanne, I *hope* to be moving into an author website someday…something classy, with a book cover. I just realized that my website had basically the same info I have here (except for Gladys). So…until I have something new and sparkly for the website, I’ll just hang out here, doing my thing.

      Maybe I’ll bring Gladys over. I feel kinda bad for her…:-)

  3. Glad to see I’m not the only one who read “website” and thought “blog”. 🙂 However painful letting go might be, take comfort in the fact that your blog is fantastic. It looks great, is full of great information, and is easy to navigate. Your voice comes through loud and clear. So really, what more could you want? (Besides Gladys, of course.)

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