What I Did and Who I Saw (On Fun Friday. Instead of Working.)

Okay. So it was Fun Friday and I had a fun post planned about…well, something fun, I’m sure. But then a fun friend facebooked me (Oh! Alliteration!) and the next thing you know, I was out having fun at the Stone Mountain Yellow Daisy Festival. (Instead of writing about fun.)

I took Cathy-on-a-Stick so I could take lots of pictures for you, but there were signs all over the place, telling me NOT to take pictures and you just cannot surreptitiously whip out a pic-on-a-stick and start clicking. And though I could’ve snapped a pic with the Chick Fil-A Cow, Cathy-on-a-Stick was having none of that. So I took her picture (at home) with the whirligig I purchased for The Beneficent Mr. Hall. (She still ended up with a farmyard animal, thank you very much.)

But lest you think there is nothing writerly in this post (besides the swell alliteration), I present to you Wizard of Oz Flying Monkey Earrings! And not to worry. I asked the fine fellow if I could put a pic of  my earrings on the blog and he said, “Absolutely. And thank you for asking.” I so wish I could find the fine fellow’s card (Whee! Alliteration again!) but alas, I seemed to have misplaced it. Which brings to mind, “If I Only Had a Brain.”


If you haven’t read Frank L. Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, then here’s the place to read it online (and free).   And if you want to see the flying monkeys in action, then you might enjoy this scene, synched to the Beatles “”Everybody’s Got Something to Hide (Except for Me and My Monkey’).

Now, isn’t this more fun than a barrel of  (flying) monkeys? ‘Course, it is Monday, so you’d best get to work now.

2 thoughts on “What I Did and Who I Saw (On Fun Friday. Instead of Working.)

  1. Love all the alliteration! This was a really fun post to read… I almost feel like I was at the Yellow Daisy Festival with you (I remember all the “no pictures” signs). In fact, maybe I should’ve gone…it might have triggered labor. 🙂

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