Friday’s Fun Find: Retronaut

Well, this is irony.

Today’s fun site is called Retronaut, and by the way, I’m in love with this website. Its tag line is, “The past is a foreign country. This is your passport.” And you don’t even have to pack anything to take with you. Except maybe your curiosity.

It’s brimming with photographs from back in the day, and the history that goes along with the photos. You’ll find the fascinating and the quirky, the witty and the tragic. Honestly, I hope you don’t get stuck there for the entire weekend, but you’ll have a ton of fun if you do.

Oh, and the irony I mentioned? I couldn’t get certain features (like my links) to work on WordPress, so I did a little investigating and found that my browser would no longer support them. So then I had to upload a spanking new browser (I went to Browse Happy to pick a new one) and it’s all just super, right? Except all my Favorites (where I store neat little websites to read and/or blog about later) are on the old browser’s Favorites. Which means every time that I want to check out something in the present, I have to go back to the past. At least until the past catches up with my present. Er…or something like that.

The point is, you’re probably going to need to update your browser soon (if you haven’t already). Because (and here’s the ironic punch line) times marches on, friends, and you’ve got to keep up or you’re history.

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