Friday’s Fun Find: Writer’s Grab Bag

Okay, here’s the deal.

I’m getting ready to get me and my manuscript(s) up to New Jersey for the One-on-One Plus Conference at Rutgers. But I couldn’t leave without sharing author Ellen Jackson’s extremely helpful Editors’ pages. While doing my Rutgers research on editors, Ellen’s very helpful site came up again and again and really saved me quite a bit of time. It’s not often you can submit directly to editors, but if you’re thinking along those lines, check here first.

Plus, there’s Vonna Carter’s extremely helpful pages on agents. Her website also came up time and time again, so I think you’ll find it worth a look for when you’re…well, looking.

And er, yes. This is not exactly the same post you read early Friday. But this is late Saturday and I thought a little mojo turning around was called for before I head to that conference. Not because I’m superstitious, but because…okay, okay. Fine. I’m a little superstitious.

But come on. I’m going all the way to New Jersey. I need all the luck I can get.



11 thoughts on “Friday’s Fun Find: Writer’s Grab Bag

    • It’s okay, Sioux, not everyone’s as sports-obsessed as I am. 😉 Chipper is Chipper Jones, newly retired third baseman and slugger from the Atlanta Braves, and soon to be a Hall of Famer. And we will surely miss him (and his bat) in the line-up.

  1. I’m off to check out your hot tips.

    I’ve known Chipper since I first set eyes on his socks. That was a LONG time ago. It’s not like we’re BFFs or anything. Chipper probably wouldn’t even remember me from watching him a couple times a year through the TV screen. I’m not really a baseball follower, but my mom is a major Cards fan. So Chipper will just have to bow out gracefully. He wouldn’t want to disappoint an old lady, would he?

    • May they, indeed, Suzanne. I hated to see Chipper go out like that–and I was embarrassed for the fans’ behavior. But I reckon if we had to go, we were leaving with a bang (not a whimper).

  2. Hi Cathy,
    What a wonderful opportunity for you. Hope you have an amazing time at the conference at Rutgers. Please forgive my geographically challenged brain, but I trust I won’t see you on any future Jersey Shore telecasts?

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