You Better Watch Out! (Writer-ly Things Are Coming to Town! Er, the Blog)

I’m making a list here, so you can check off each of the writerly things!

1. I love lists. And I wrote about the writer who makes a wish list over at The Muffin today. I managed to work in W. B. Yeats and one of my favorite poems, …hold on a tic. I’m not just going to tell you. (But I think it’ll be worth the read!)

2. Remember, I’m giving away a copy of The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton on Fun Friday! Dash away here to read more about this fun middle-grade novel and how you can win!

3. I have a surprise guest visiting tomorrow with another middle grade novel and she’s giving away…well, you’ll just have to drop in tomorrow to find out. But trust me. You will squeal like a kid on Christmas Day if you win it!

4. I have an Etsy Christmas bookish thing coming in the mail and I hope it will be here in time for a giveaway. Because,  in the spirit of Scrooge and the gang, I would like to say thank you very much to all who drop in every day. I only have the one gift, but the sentiment expressed is for each and every on of you!

6 thoughts on “You Better Watch Out! (Writer-ly Things Are Coming to Town! Er, the Blog)

  1. I meant I love the snow falling on your blog. NOT the “snow” falling from my dry head of hair. Not the “snow” which is really floaters on my eyeballs. Instead, the snow that drifts across this page.

    How did you do that? Sioux asked, with a techno-retarded look on her face.

    • Hahaha! Oh, Sioux, I knew what you meant. As to how the snow got on my blog, it’s a Christmas miracle. 😉

      (Okay, okay. The little elves at WordPress did it…if you have a WordPress blog, the little elves will do it for you. And P.S. the snow will fall in the direction of your curser. You can make the snow swirl all over the place! And P.P.S. We get snow every few years–and then we rush to the store and stock up on bread and milk and beer and then about an hour after the snow falls, we complain about it and try to go back out into the snow because we drank all the beer before it actually snowed. Don’t you just love the South?)

  2. Okay, I can’t play video games, but I CAN play with the snow on your blog. I wish real-life was like that. I could swirl the cursor around and bring a big snowstorm right into my neighborhood, preferably on a Thursday night, and the snow would keep coming until Monday evening.

    (Teachers LOVE snow days. They’re gifts from the gods….)

    • Hahaha! I just realized I wrote “curser” rather than “curSOR.” Talk about your Freudian slip–

      (And yes! to the snow for teachers. Although here in GA, we loved those fire drills!)

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