You Better Watch Out! (Writer-ly Things Are Coming to Town! Er, the Blog)

I’m making a list here, so you can check off each of the writerly things!

1. I love lists. And I wrote about the writer who makes a wish list over at The Muffin today. I managed to work in W. B. Yeats and one of my favorite poems, …hold on a tic. I’m not just going to tell you. (But I think it’ll be worth the read!)

2. Remember, I’m giving away a copy of The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton on Fun Friday! Dash away here to read more about this fun middle-grade novel and how you can win!

3. I have a surprise guest visiting tomorrow with another middle grade novel and she’s giving away…well, you’ll just have to drop in tomorrow to find out. But trust me. You will squeal like a kid on Christmas Day if you win it!

4. I have an Etsy Christmas bookish thing coming in the mail and I hope it will be here in time for a giveaway. Because,  in the spirit of Scrooge and the gang, I would like to say thank you very much to all who drop in every day. I only have the one gift, but the sentiment expressed is for each and every on of you!