New Year’s Writing Winning!



Sure, I could be dancing and singing and tooting my horn on this New Year’s Eve. But I couldn’t let the old year totter out without celebrating all the picture books I wrote!

I’m not saying they’re super fantastic picture books. I’m not even saying they’re semi-decent. All I’m saying is that I wrote 12 (possibly lousy) picture books in 2012. But it’s words on the page, people. And that’s 12 drafts of something I can work on in 2013.

You know, maybe I will dance and sing and toot my horn on this New Year’s Eve after all.

(And I hope you’re celebrating tons of writing achievements tonight as well. Thanks so much for joining me here in 2012–and see all y’all next year!)

11 thoughts on “New Year’s Writing Winning!

  1. Wow! Twelve books. You are amazing. MAy those books find a library or book store shelf to be displayed on in 2013. Hope you danced and tooted all night. Your horn! Happy New Year from St. Louis.

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