Starting the Writing Year With a Wheee! (And a Muffin Post)

ImageThe first week in a new year is always exciting for me. It’s like opening a brand-spanking new notebook and finding all those blank, crisp pages. Wheeee! Such potential for great things, right?

But then life and reality comes along and before I know it, my potential is sagging, even though I’ve made careful lists of yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals.

I do accomplish quite a bit, but it occurred to me after reviewing 2012 that I was perhaps getting too caught up in checking things off the list–while the things I really love get short shrift. And so I knew I needed something different this year, something to shake up my compulsive list-checking while still accomplishing the writing things I need to do.

So I decided to open my mind (and talents). I wrote a post called Just for Today, For Writers over at The Muffin. And I’ve printed it out and slapped it on the board above my desk, to remind myself that if I follow a few simple steps, every day, I’ll accomplish my writing goals and find new adventures and opportunities along the way.

And maybe, just maybe, I can start each day with a Wheee! Such potential for great things!

4 thoughts on “Starting the Writing Year With a Wheee! (And a Muffin Post)

  1. Cathy–I’ve already left a comment on your Muffin posting, and I’ve given you a little “shout out” on my post today. Your advice about “Just for today” is wonderful AND do-able.

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