Sharing the Love, Writer-Style

ImageIt’s Valentine’s Day and I promised you a heartfelt gift, so how about something classic? Something with romance, intrigue, politics, religion? Something like Cleopatra’s Moon by Vicky Alvear Shecter

Vicky’s YA novel was recently released in paperback, and to celebrate, she gave away several copies. But I already have a lovely, inscribed copy of Cleopatra’s Moon, so I’m giving her book to a lucky Valentine commenter.

ImageI’ll be catching up with Vicky at a conference next weekend, so I’ll ask her to pen a lovely inscription for the winner, and then I’ll mail the book off to you. I know you’re going to love Cleopatra’s Moon, so get your comments in and I’ll pick a name next Thursday before I leave.

Actually, you’d love Vicky Alvear Shecter, too, but I’m afraid I can’t afford to mail her to you. (But you can visit her blog whenever you like.)

Happy Valentine’s, y’all! I so appreciate the writer love you share with me each and every day!

8 thoughts on “Sharing the Love, Writer-Style

  1. I laughed when I saw you were giving away another book. I never have enough books. They are actually forcing me out of my room. Now I am filling up a kindle. I read you almost every day. Have been taking a class on memoir and have been skimming thru everything else for the past few weeks. Enjoy your chat. Thanks

  2. Love Vicky, Love Cleopatra, and Love you too! I had a lovely autographed copy myself, so I won’t take the chance away from someone who doesn’t. See you and Vicky next weekend!!

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