Tuesday’s Tip: IndieReCon

ImageFive years ago, I wouldn’t have stopped long enough at IndieReCon to even figure out what the abbreviated words meant. Heck, five years ago, IndieReCon may not have even existed. But indie publishing has come a long way in five years. And the group of writers/authors/bloggers behind this free online conference know quite a bit about how indie publishing has grown–and they’ve lined up quite a few folks to share their expertise as well.

So here’s my tip: If you have EVER thought, even for just a minute, that you might consider indie publishing for your picture book, your memoir, your novel, your chapbook, WHATEVER, go now and check out all the articles offered at IndieReCon. Or at the very least, bookmark this site and check it out later (the dates of the conference are February 19 through the 21st) because all the material will remain online and available.

And even if you think that you’ll never consider indie publishing, it’s worth a look just to see what’s going on in this rapidly changing business. The publishing business is not at all static. It’s like some kind of swirling whirlwind of words, business, and marketing, growing and evolving every day. 

The savvy writer will evolve along with it. (Reminds me of the book, Savvy, by Ingrid Law. It’s a really swell middle grade novel that fits in rather nicely–and metaphorically–with my post. Even if I do say so myself.)

8 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Tip: IndieReCon

  1. Cathy–Thank you for the link and the heads-up. I clicked on–for just a moment–and saw some things I will definitely return for. (I’m hoping to have a snow day on Thursday–one of those delightful gifts from the gods that you southern belles miss out on, so perhaps I will have some time then to check it out in depth.)

  2. I will definitely check it out, thank you. I am coming to the end of the memoir that I began blogging back in Nov. so I am looking forward toward Indie publishing–very timely post for me 🙂

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