Sharing the Love Winner

ImageThe winner of the Cleopatra’s Moon giveaway is…Donna!

It will soon be winging its way to Missouri, complete with a personal inscription from author, Vicky Alvear Shecter.

And for those who didn’t win, you might want to pick up the newly released paperback of Cleopatra’s Moon at your local bookstore.

But you know you’re all winners to me, right? (Happy writing!)

5 thoughts on “Sharing the Love Winner

  1. Cathy–Don’t send it to Donna. She and her family had to move–suddenly–and she asked that the book be sent to my address, and I will see that it gets to her safely (if not timely).

    I will send you my address via email, so you can quickly ship it off to me.

    • Linda’s a liar. You’ve met her–you know she is.

      My kids are not moving back until April or May. I’m here. Send it to me. Donna is too embarrassed, but her street is covered in snot (I’m telling the truth–read her comment).

      I’ll make sure Donna gets her book soooooon. Really.

  2. Donna here. I’m very happy to be the winner. Even though we had a snow and sleet storm today and the streets are slicker than snot, I’m sure our mail carrier will deliver the book with no problem. And I’m so excited to have the book signed by Vicky!
    Thanks so much for picking me!

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