Friday’s Fun Find: Read Across America!

ImageToday kicks off the Sequester. (Blech.) But it’s also the kick-off for NEA’s Read Across America Day. (Yay.) So if you’re feeling a little glum, sequester yourself at your local library and read a couple of whimsical Dr. Seuss books to your favorite littlest ones.

Or just read them to yourself. You’re never too old for the Whos down in Whoville. (Who, now that I think about it, were a pretty political group of characters with their bitter butter battles and their anti-commercialism at Christmas and their person’s-a-person-no-matter-how-small rhetoric. Holy Seussical! How did I miss all that?)

Um…I may need to sequester myself in the shower and think for awhile about children’s literature. (Have a Fun Friday, anyway.)

6 thoughts on “Friday’s Fun Find: Read Across America!

  1. The Lorax has long been my favorite Seuss read on Read Across America Day. It packs a big message in a little story. The kids in my class were so excited yesterday they completely wore me out. šŸ™‚ In a good way.

  2. Cathy–I am giving away a copy of “Off the Leash” by Jean Ellen Whatley. I think you would enjoy it. She is brutally honest. It’s a memoir I could not put down.

    Leave a comment. You might be a winner (in this little giveaway of mine. We all know you’re a winner in so many other categories. ;).

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