Friday’s Fun Find: Read Across America!

ImageToday kicks off the Sequester. (Blech.) But it’s also the kick-off for NEA’s Read Across America Day. (Yay.) So if you’re feeling a little glum, sequester yourself at your local library and read a couple of whimsical Dr. Seuss books to your favorite littlest ones.

Or just read them to yourself. You’re never too old for the Whos down in Whoville. (Who, now that I think about it, were a pretty political group of characters with their bitter butter battles and their anti-commercialism at Christmas and their person’s-a-person-no-matter-how-small rhetoric. Holy Seussical! How did I miss all that?)

Um…I may need to sequester myself in the shower and think for awhile about children’s literature. (Have a Fun Friday, anyway.)

Friday’s Fun Find: Read Across America!

Today is Read Across America Day! It’s also Dr. Seuss’ birthday!

I LOVE reading and I LOVE Dr. Seuss’ books. I’m particularly partial to Green Eggs and Ham, mostly because I have such sweet memories of reading that book to the Junior Halls. But also because I loved reading it as a wee child.

And because reading Dr. Seuss makes me feel like a wild and crazy 8-year-old, I think that’s how I’ll celebrate today. How about you?

Will you read here or there?

Will you read everywhere?

Will you read up or down?

Will you read all around?

Will you read in your chair?

Will you read on the stair?

Will you read with a friend?

Will you read to the end?

I do so love to read, you know.

Thank you, Seuss– and off I go!