A Bizarre Thing Happened on the Way to Writing

ImageThe most bizarre thing happened to me the other day. Well… maybe not the most bizarre thing. But it was bizarre in a writing sort of way and why I bring it up here.

Though technically, you’ll have to zip over to this Muffin post to get the bizarre details.

(And now, I’m starting to think that perhaps I’ve oversold this particular bizarre situation. Like maybe you’re expecting to hear that J.K. Rowlingย andย Stephen Kingย met me in the grocery store and asked for my autograph.

Come on, people. As if J.K. and Stephen would shop on the same day–)

6 thoughts on “A Bizarre Thing Happened on the Way to Writing

  1. That is a blast from the past (and not in the bad way, like seeing a picture of yourself from way back when in hip-huggers and a perm)–hearing about a submission you sent off that many years ago.

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