Friday’s Fun Find: Thank You Notes

ImageThey’re little things–thank you notes–but they can sure make a body feel good.

I opened my mail to find this seriously cute Santa thank you note from Lynn (Her story’s in Fifty Shades of Santa) and I had to smile. I mean, who doesn’t like Christmas in March?

And then I read Luke’s thank you note (I’d picked up an Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader for a quarter and passed it along to Debra’s son. He’s a huge fan of the series.) First, he called me, “Miss Cathy” which, I am not gonna lie, takes me back to much younger days when the little Brownies called me “Miss Cathy.” And secondly, he wrote that he was “spurting random facts to friends and family.” Come on, now. You have to smile at that.

Thank you notes. Little things, I know. But isn’t it fun to get one?

6 thoughts on “Friday’s Fun Find: Thank You Notes

  1. Hi Miss Cathy! Yes, Luke adores his Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader. I tried borrowing it from him to see what all the hubbub was about. I hadn’t had it for two minutes when Luke came in. “Aha! So that’s where it went!” he said, and retrieved his prize.

  2. Now, if only I could get ALL of my kids to write thank you notes, because they are so nice. (The notes, that is.) Maybe I can bribe them with, “Just write it. You never know…someone might blog about it later.” 🙂 And Katie’s right, Luke hoards that book like a true miser!

    • I’m sort of running out of things to say over here, so get all those young’uns to write thank you notes–that’s what? Six more blog posts? (And yeah, I’m counting Noah. He can drool or something. Works for me.)

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