Ask an Editor (Or Four Writers)

ImageIt seems to me that the more I write, the more I realize what I don’t know about writing.

Usually, it’s right before I fall asleep, when some burning, writing question pops into my head. I still fall asleep, mind you. But I wake the next day, determined to find answers. (And looking a little worse for wear, I might add.)

The Muffin answered a writer’s question this week, and as it happened, I was one of the writers who made a suggestion. You might have this very same question and find the answer you’re looking for among the four writers who weighed in. But it occurred to me that even if you don’t, you might have another writing question that’s causing you nightmares.

If you can’t find the answer amongst all those issues over at WOW!, you might want to ask the editor. Maybe your question will show up over at the Muffin.

Then frabjous day! You’ll be a writer in the know!

(And you can get some much-needed beauty rest. Or maybe that’s just me.)

3 thoughts on “Ask an Editor (Or Four Writers)

  1. I read that post, and enjoyed the different answers. The only question I have is this:

    “Where can I buy a self-prodder–an electric cattle prod that I can use on myself?” I need to push myself and write more…

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