Children’s Book Week–And Why I’m A Champion

ImageIf you are the observant type, you noticed the Children’s Book Week Champion badge that I added to the blog a few days ago. If you’re the lazy not-so-observant type like me, you’re now glancing around the blog, saying, “I don’t see any Children’s Book Week badge. I don’t know what Cathy’s blah-blah-blahing about–oh. Never mind.”

So, ahem. Let’s just move on to Children’s Book Week and why I champion it.

1. It’s all about a celebration of books and the joys of reading for young people. How can you NOT champion that?

2. You (and by you, I mean you who have something to do with schools and/or libraries) can get a free and very cool poster, art by Brian Selznick. (He’s a Caldecott winner, amazing illustrator, SO many books…well, perhaps you should just go read for yourself here.)

3. You (and by you, I mean any old you) can download this cool bookmark by Newbery Honor author/illustrator, Grace Lin. (You’ll want to check out her website. It’s also very cool and free to peruse.)

4. You (and by you, I mean the writer you who would like someday to get that much-loved manuscript into the hands of children everywhere) can get a very good idea of what children love to read when you take a look at the list of book finalists. If you haven’t read these books yet, perhaps you should. (And by perhaps, I mean definitely.)

So if you know a kid who loves to read, give that child the chance to celebrate the joys of reading. Ask him or her to vote. (Oh! Teachers, librarians and booksellers can vote, too!) Cast your vote, you and you and you,too. And I’ll stop blah-blah-blahing about Children’s Book Week.

(Um, I can’t really guarantee that. I do SO love books.)

12 thoughts on “Children’s Book Week–And Why I’m A Champion

  1. I guess I’m the not-so-observant type (although I DID notice your “just polished” blurb – love it!) but I AM the love-to-read type, so I can’t wait to check out the list of book finalists and share them with the kiddos. We love good book recommendations! Thanks for passing some along!

  2. Cathy, you are the coolest person EVER for posting the links to the free poster, bookmark, and book finalists. Guess what poster will be hanging on the doors and walls of our school? Okay. You guessed it.

  3. Good grief … I had no idea! BUT, thanks to observant you, I am now linked and connected AND have e-mailed info about the free poster to our school’s librarian! Thank you so much for the info and heads-up!!

  4. Thank you for introducing me to this! I have a “Hold” list a mile long at our local library, and we will be reading each selection and I’m having my kids vote! I will be curious to see what they select, and how they make their decisions!

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