Memorial Day: Taking a Moment To Remember


On May 3, 2000, President Bill Clinton released a memorandum from the White House regarding the National Moment of Remembrance

In this time of unprecedented success and prosperity throughout our land, I ask that all Americans come together to recognize how fortunate we are to live in freedom and to observe a universal “National Moment of Remembrance” on each Memorial Day. This memorial observance represents a simple and unifying way to commemorate our history and honor the struggle to protect our freedoms.

Accordingly, I hereby direct all executive departments and agencies, in consultation with the White House Program for the National Moment of Remembrance (Program), to promote a “National Moment of Remembrance” to occur at 3 p.m. (local time) on each Memorial Day.”

I know you’ll be busy today. Most of you have the day off and I hope you’ll have a lovely day with family and friends. But maybe at 3:00, you’ll remember to say a prayer, or just a heartfelt thank-you. 

It only takes a moment.

4 thoughts on “Memorial Day: Taking a Moment To Remember

  1. Hope you enjoyed your day, Cath. Thanks matter. I always walk up to those in uniform and say, “Thank you for your service,” and shake their hand. They say, “You’re welcome,” or “Yes, ma’am,” and are surprised to receive a verbal thank you. I imagine it is something they don’t hear often enough, and it makes me feel good to see the pleasure in their eyes at the recognition.

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