Friday’s Fun Find: Something Completely Different

ImageSo like I said, it’s been busy with all kinds of party-making ’round here. Just the other day, I zipped down to the neighbor’s house to celebrate their daughter’s high school graduation, and whilst stuffing my face with a delicious petit four (Fun fact for the day: petit four is a French word that means “small oven.”), I had a little chat with the neighbor’s dad.

The neighbor’s dad, it turns out, reads this blog faithfully. Which may not seem exactly blog-worthy, but here’s the thing. The neighbor’s dad is not a writer. Has never been a writer, and as far as I know, doesn’t want to ever become a writer. (He’s a retired physician and accomplished artist, actually.) Naturally, I was surprised that he would read a blog on, well…basically, writing.

It was at this point in our little conversation that he admitted to skipping a lot of the writing stuff. Fair enough. But he likes the other parts.

Um…I’m not sure what other parts he likes. The artfully-arranged pictures? My insouciant turn of a phrase? The witty ambiance of the blog?

Anyway, I thought, it being Fun Friday, I’d find some funny art. Because come on, guys. The man’s been reading this blog forever.

And now, without further ado, I present 13 Weird Paintings, courtesy of CollegeHumor. This one’s for you, Warren!

(The rest of y’all choose one of those weird paintings as a writing prompt. Except for the alien, chimp and baby pic. I mean, even the Beneficent Mr. Hall could come up with 500 words for that.)

7 thoughts on “Friday’s Fun Find: Something Completely Different

  1. From “neighbor’s. Dad”- to set t’he recorda straight. As to “Writer” chops- i”ve written six books, four of which werE formally published and I edited one other. Add many chapters in other people’s books. Add 35 published scientific papers. Add two series of children’s stories and several published travel articles. Would That qualify me as a writer in Your opinion? Wcp

    • Okay, okay. I completely forgot about the scientific papers and chapters and travel articles–and I shall take my licks for that. BUT CHILDREN’S STORIES??? How did I MISS that? No more wine for me at the neighbor’s house. πŸ™‚

      (In my defense, you’ve SHOWN me your art. I don’t recall ever seeing any children’s stories. But I’d sure like to see ’em!)

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