A Writer Getaway? For Me? (You Shouldn’t Have…)

ImageBut I’m ever so glad a writer friend invited me to a four-day retreat! Because I love a good writer getaway. I love how it frees me.

Not that the Beneficent Mr. Hall and company hold me captive. Honestly, there are many times when dinner turns into a sandwich because I’m in the middle of a deadline. Nope, it’s not people so much as things.

Like Braves baseball games. Dirty clothes piled up in the hamper. The overgrown yard. Facebook. All the stuff that pulls my attention away (and gives me an excuse) from working on a long writing project. The project otherwise known as (dum dum dum) The Novel.

So getting away gives me no excuses. I will go where no woman has gone before–well, I’ve gone into these revisions before, but I’m going deep this time. Way deep. Anyway, a couple things before I go:

Thing 1: I will catch up with you and your lovely writing lives when I return to regular internet connection (and I’ll be turning around next week and heading out for a visit with my parents, where the internet is also missing). So if there is something with a time deadline, or even some fabulous news that you know I’ll want to hear, please send me an email as I’ll try to check that each day.

Thing 2: A couple days ago, I received an email from Holly Lisle about her Writer Boot Camp. I know it’s not the same as getting completely away, but it might be exactly what you need to kick your writing butt into gear. Plus, you have the support of a community along the way, and that really is half the fun of camp (or a getaway), isn’t it? So here’s the link, membership is free, and the Beginning Writer’s Bundle is 4 bucks. And P.S. You don’t have to be a beginner. You just have to be a writer who needs a push.

Thing 3: Please do not worry about the Beneficent Mr. Hall. As long as there is ice cream in the stores, he will survive.

7 thoughts on “A Writer Getaway? For Me? (You Shouldn’t Have…)

  1. Have a fun and productive time, Cathy!

    And won’t we all survive as long as there’s ice cream? That’s why I won’t make it through a zombie apocalypse – no ice cream. It has nothing to do with the fact that I can’t run fast or shoot or build a fire or….

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