Today, We Write.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you all about the book signing. In fact, I feel an epic “What Not To Do Wednesday” post brewing.

But today is the first day of October. October already! So today, today, we write.

And I have the perfect exercise for you. One of those exercises where excuses won’t work. ‘Cause what I have for you is the Saturday Evening Post Limerick Contest.

1. You have a prompt:



(Bobbing for Apples, by John Hyde Phillips. 1943)

2. And you only need a five-line story, with a beginning, middle and end.

3. Then paste it into the online form.

There’s no need to spend days on this limerick. (You only have till October 3rd, anyway.) But here’s a great exercise to get you thinking about plot. And then you must use your craft to create a five-line rhyme that fits the construct. Take an hour and pump up those brain cells.

‘Cause it’s October already! And today, we write! 




6 thoughts on “Today, We Write.

  1. Ha haa! I was checking in to see if you posted something about the book signing. Guess I’ll have to stop by again tomorrow. I just hope there’s nothing in your post about giving a bunch of kids chocolate and then letting them touch your books. 🙂 Thanks for the limerick contest tip. It sounds like fun and I’m up for something that won’t take much time!

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