Friday’s Fun Find: Do You Know The Muffin Blog?


If you’re new here, you might not have noticed that I’m a regular contributor over at The Muffin. That’s the blog all about writing at WOW!Women-on-writing (also a WONDERFUL resource for writers, no matter what you write!).

Just yesterday, I blogged about a moment a few weeks ago, when I tried on a coat and it didn’t fit. That moment led to a sort of writing moment and…well. You can read all about it here. You’ll feel better about your writing after reading it, I promise.

Know what else can make you feel better about your writing? Writing.

Seems simple, I know, but many of us talk about writing and never quite get any writing finished. And so I’m going to direct you to today’s post at The Muffin wherein we’re looking for YOU to contribute. The Friday Speak Out posts aren’t paying gigs, but they are good writing practice, especially for those of you who need to work on seeing your writing through.

And for those of you who simply have a lot to share when it comes to writing, here’s a way to get out there and connect with a whole new bunch of readers. Or maybe you’d like a nice writing credit. Perhaps it’ll lead to a gig as a paying contributor to a blog.

I mean, how do you think I got the job at The Muffin?

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