Friday’s Fun Find: Writing Words of Wisdom from Jerry Seinfeld

I had to share this article (by James Clear at about Jerry Seinfeld’s work ethic. After you read it, you’ll understand why.

And then I wanted a short clip of Jerry Seinfeld, doing his thing. So I found Jerry Seinfeld’s website where he posts three bits every day. EVERY DAY.

Yeah. I was there a while. (Anyway, here’s the master comedian on How To Write a Joke. Enjoy.)

5 thoughts on “Friday’s Fun Find: Writing Words of Wisdom from Jerry Seinfeld

  1. Love that clip – it was both informative and entertaining! And I have now bookmarked Seinfeld’s site, so I’ll be probably be checking that every day now. 🙂

    (Saw Seinfeld perform a year or so ago, and he was hilarious!)

  2. Just saw his show last Friday … I laughed so hard, my face literally hurt afterward! And, for both him and his opening act, it was so wonderful to see a hilarious comedy show that wasn’t vulgar.

  3. Cathy–Thanks. I thoroughly enjoyed the clip. My son thought HE was the Seinfeld expert in the house, but we played the “Scene It” Seinfeld game, and I won (this was a number of years ago).

    I always love hearing a writer talk about their craft. Thank you again.

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