Friday’s Fun Find: Rod Man

First, I laughed till I cried, watching this comic throughout the entire season of Last Comic Standing. So I was not surprised when he won.

Second, because you’re sitting there saying, “Yeah, Cathy, but what about the writing angle?” (Get it? Angle? ‘Cause we’re fishing for tips?) So this: if you want to write funny, you need to learn timing and pacing. Watch comedians.

And thirdly, how great is it that his name is Rod Man? (Like a fishing rod, right? D’uh.)

Friday’s Fun Find: Writing Words of Wisdom from Jerry Seinfeld

I had to share this article (by James Clear at about Jerry Seinfeld’s work ethic. After you read it, you’ll understand why.

And then I wanted a short clip of Jerry Seinfeld, doing his thing. So I found Jerry Seinfeld’s website where he posts three bits every day. EVERY DAY.

Yeah. I was there a while. (Anyway, here’s the master comedian on How To Write a Joke. Enjoy.)