What’s Harder Than Writing A Book?

ImageIf you said writing the pitch or the query or the synopsis, you win the prize. 

Um…I haven’t actually got a prize for you. But I do have help, so that’s sort of a prize, right?

Over at The Muffin today, I shared my quick tips for taming the three-headed beast of pitch, query, and synopsis. I even threw in an example or two, using Beauty and The Beast. (How clever is that?)

But one thing that I didn’t mention over at The Muffin is this: if you want to get good at writing the pitch or query, practice writing them. Use a novel you’ve just read–one that you loved. Or maybe even a movie. Then go back and take a look at your manuscript.

If you can’t figure out your pitch or query as easily, it could be because your story’s not quite focused enough. You might need to do a little fine-tuning in revision.

Um…sorry. That’s not exactly the prize you wanted, is it? But you’ll thank me later when you win a contract.


7 thoughts on “What’s Harder Than Writing A Book?

  1. Cathy–I JUST (this morning) finished the first draft of my manuscript. I’ve sent it to my beta reader. I’ve already crashed and burned in a mock-query session, which led to major revisions (I didn’t care about my characters), so now I’m headed over to the Muffin…

  2. Hi Cathy! In response to your question, my answer was going to be…..”Nothing! Nothing is harder than writing a book!”…But, I see the error of my ways. You’re definitely correct about the synopsis, etc. But actually finishing the book is a close second!! I’m over to The Muffin, too!

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