What’s Harder Than Writing A Book?

ImageIf you said writing the pitch or the query or the synopsis, you win the prize. 

Um…I haven’t actually got a prize for you. But I do have help, so that’s sort of a prize, right?

Over at The Muffin today, I shared my quick tips for taming the three-headed beast of pitch, query, and synopsis. I even threw in an example or two, using Beauty and The Beast. (How clever is that?)

But one thing that I didn’t mention over at The Muffin is this: if you want to get good at writing the pitch or query, practice writing them. Use a novel you’ve just read–one that you loved. Or maybe even a movie. Then go back and take a look at your manuscript.

If you can’t figure out your pitch or query as easily, it could be because your story’s not quite focused enough. You might need to do a little fine-tuning in revision.

Um…sorry. That’s not exactly the prize you wanted, is it? But you’ll thank me later when you win a contract.