Friday’s Fun Find: As You Wish

It’s been a long week at Casa de Cathy–hours of writing, but lots more hours looking at spreadsheets (don’t ask).

I was not made for looking at spreadsheets. And so on this Fun Friday, I needed a break.


What’s that you say? You’ve had a long week, too? You could use a break, too?

As you wish.

10 thoughts on “Friday’s Fun Find: As You Wish

  1. Here’s how old and married I am, I spent that whole 1 minute, 50 seconds NOT dreaming of a handsome farm boy saying this to me but…of hearing my children say it. Kids, make your beds! As you wish! Happy Friday, Cathy!

  2. I had a friend (this was years and years ago) who showed “The Princess Bride” to her 2nd grade class. She remembered about one part she had to mute/fast-forward through, but when she resumed the movie, it came to a line about “perfect breasts.” We all laughed…

    Have a great Friday and weekend. More snow is headed to St. Louis…

    • Hahahhaa! I would’ve said you’re never too young to appreciate THE PRINCESS BRIDE–and really, who’s to say a second grader can’t appreciate perfect breasts? 🙂

      Stay warm. Sioux! I can’t believe the weather y’all have been having this year!

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