Friday’s Fun Find: As You Wish

It’s been a long week at Casa de Cathy–hours of writing, but lots more hours looking at spreadsheets (don’t ask).

I was not made for looking at spreadsheets. And so on this Fun Friday, I needed a break.


What’s that you say? You’ve had a long week, too? You could use a break, too?

As you wish.

Friday’s Fun Find: The Book I Want To Write

“It doesn’t sound too bad.”

I love that setup. Because what follows is such a great story. I’m working on a manuscript now that makes me think of THE PRINCESS BRIDE.

And here’s what I think, in my secret thoughts: I want to write a book as good as William Goldman’s THE PRINCESS BRIDE.

I do a lot of re-writing because…well, I’m not William Goldman. But that’s okay. I have a goal, a standard, if you will, that I hold my work to.

And sometimes, on a really good day with my manuscript, it doesn’t sound too bad.

(Bet you have a book like that, too. Want to share your secret? I won’t tell anyone. Promise.)