Friday’s Fun Find: Rod Man

First, I laughed till I cried, watching this comic throughout the entire season of Last Comic Standing. So I was not surprised when he won.

Second, because you’re sitting there saying, “Yeah, Cathy, but what about the writing angle?” (Get it? Angle? ‘Cause we’re fishing for tips?) So this: if you want to write funny, you need to learn timing and pacing. Watch comedians.

And thirdly, how great is it that his name is Rod Man? (Like a fishing rod, right? D’uh.)

9 thoughts on “Friday’s Fun Find: Rod Man

  1. I thought all the comics were so good this year! When it came down to the final five I could never decide who should be going home! Glad he won … seems like a good guy! 🙂

  2. I absolutely loved him! I was crossing my fingers he would win, all season long. From the very first “Woop! Woop!” of the police siren, to the hot sauce on the mayonnaise on the cohorn, I’d love every joke!

    • Oh my gosh, the corn! And the funyuns! And what about the breasts with low self-esteem? I missed half his jokes for laughing! (They were all pretty good, there at the end. But Rod Man was in a pond by himself!)

  3. I was happiest for his mom, because she didn’t do one thing on that stage or drip a single drop of stage-sweat and yet, according to Rod Man, she is going to get a good chunk ’cause when she asks for some money, he can’t say, “I don’t got it” because she knows. She knows he has it.

    I have never watched this show until this year, and really enjoyed the comedians. I loved seeing Roseanne Barr as a judge/mentor. One of her earliest jokes I remember–during her stand-up days–was when her husband hollered for her to get him some potato chips and she complained, “I’m not his servant. He can lift up the couch cushion just as easily as I can!”

    You are sooo right. Timing. Pacing. Which words are the funniest and will deliver the best punchline. It’s all a part of humor writing.

    And of course comedians have to have a great hook. And sometimes the jokes are barbed (laced with a little snark/sarcasm). That’s all I got tonight…

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