Tooting My Horn Tuesday: A Once Upon A Potty Story!

MSPlogotall250If there’s one thing I have a buttload of, it’s potty stories. And though I have three kidders, ALL the potty stories come from the same child. Namely, John, who was, if I may say so, not only aptly named but also quite imaginative in the bathroom arena.

Anyway, the bottom line to this endless stream of puns is that one of my potty stories was accepted for Monkey Star Press‘ upcoming potty anthology. And this particular anthology has been pushed to the top of the pile, so it will be published soon!


And according to Lisa Nolan, who’s the force behind Monkey Star Press, she will be looking for other stories very soon. Like next week soon. So keep your eyes pee-led for the next call out.

(So I’m gonna go now. And when I say “go” I mean…yeah, never mind.)

17 thoughts on “Tooting My Horn Tuesday: A Once Upon A Potty Story!

  1. I think potty stories could be your new “thing” – Maya A has poems. Stephen K has horror. You have potties. I say embrace it (the concept, not the potty). Congratulations!!!! šŸ™‚

  2. Cathy–Thanks for giving us the poop–oops, I mean the scoop–on your most recent publishing credit. Congratulations. You are a writer who is able to flush out–I mean flesh out–your characters and create wonderful plots with very little waste…

  3. Congratulations on the pub! And thanks for the chuckles. I can always count on you to make me smile and you did with this post. You turned a routine horn toot into a punny bit, and this reader needed that tonight. Thanks for that. And for the head’s up on the market, too.

  4. Hahahaa! That’s awesome! I can’t stop smiling…I don’t know if it’s the kindergartner in me laughing at all the potty jokes or that you’ve got another publication for your byline. Congratulations!

  5. Do you have one about aiming for boys?? Cause that’s the one hook that the world really needs more of! Congratulations!

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