Friday’s Fun Find: WILD THINGS!

wild-things-cover-214x300Sometimes, an act of mischief happens along and you end up sending out a blog post accidentally.


But other times, an act of mischief has to do with children’s literature and Wild Things, the book (and website) that reveals “secret lives, scandalous turns, and some very funny surprises” about the books you grew up with and loved to bits.

Betsy Bird, Julie Danielson, and Peter D. Sieruta gathered all these scathingly brilliant anecdotes (and included a few leftovers for us on the website!) so we can all enjoy a little kidlit mischief.

(Um…without sending blog goofs out into the world–)

10 thoughts on “Friday’s Fun Find: WILD THINGS!

  1. I had seen this somewhere and it looked interesting, but now that you’ve blogged about it, it’s official. I’m going to have to get this and read it!

  2. I will have to check it out.
    Goofs? We all make them on line. I mistakenly sent my story, My Big Behind, to the Smithsonian! I didn’t breathe for a week.

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