You are looking at the new and improved, highly organized Cathy C. Hall.

Um…let me rephrase that. You are looking at the BLOG of the new and improved, highly organized Cathy C. Hall.

Now, I’ll grant you that the blog, more or less, looks the same. I’ll even admit that on the outside, I more or less look the same. But on the inside…ah, I am a changed woman. A changed writer! And all because of this:


And this:



You can be, too. Zip over and read “Accomplish Your 2017 Writing Goals with this Perfect Solution” at the Muffin today.

(And yes, I know saying that I have the perfect solution might sound a wee bit braggy. But I can only work on one character trait at a time. Next year, I’ll tackle humility.)

8 thoughts on “Perfection!

  1. Been meaning to tell you that I love your updated blog picture! And I could really use some good organization far I’m convinced I need to buy a new writing desk and then all my dreams will come true. 🙂 I’ll go see if your Muffin post can help me justify that purchase.

    • Um…I think you’re going to be a tad disappointed, Deb, though a new writing desk is always fun! 🙂

      And thanks re: my new pic. I thought giving the subject (me) a little distance might be a good thing. 🙂

  2. Cathy–Humility doesn’t belong–really–in a writer. We have to be a bit cocky–at least deep down inside–to survive. (The touch of arrogance balances out the nonstop string of rejections.)

  3. I wish i could say I am more organized. I think of something and poof, I go tot he computer and lose myself in distractions. Like I saw this post this morning and at almost midnight I am returning to it.

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