Tooting My Horn After All

I’m over at The Muffin today, talking about how hard it is for writers to promote themselves.

Honestly, one of the reasons I like writing for a Korean publisher is that I don’t have to do any marketing. I mean, I guess if I went over to Korea, they’d expect me to do something. But here, even though I live in a community with a vibrant Korean population, it’s too costly to do book signings or other promotions.

For other projects, I’ll run a Tooting My Horn post and that’s a bit of promotion, right? All out marketing is a little more challenging for me because…well, you can read “Writer, Promote Thyself” and see if you struggle with the same promotion anxiety. And maybe share your thoughts on marketing?

201612_bigpulp_annual-793x1225But you know what all this talk about marketing has reminded me of? My story, Mary Beth’s Prophecy, appears in Big Pulp’s annual anthology. For cryin’ out loud, I almost forgot all about it–and I love that fun story! So yeah, why not check it out? Because it’s not just me…there are a TON of wonderful stories from 2016! (There! A bit of promotion for me and all those other writers!)


Thursday’s Three S’s: Submission, Skype, and Sensational Contest

I’ve got a surfeit of S’s to share today, so let’s get to ’em…

I love, love, love the idea behind World Read Aloud Day (March 7th), that the right to read and write belongs to all people, and that words have power. Amen to that! And thanks to the technology of Skype, authors are bringing their words to life all over the world. That makes Skype pretty powerful, too. And I love, love, love that author Kate Messner is bringing together a whole bunch of authors, available to Skype wherever you are in the world. If you have a class of eager kids who’d love to be read aloud to from a famous author, check out Kate’s post and list and sign up. And if you’re an author and would love to read aloud, you still have time to offer your lovely voice and words.  Who knew changing the world could be just a click away?

And now on to our submission opportunity over at Big Pulp.  Technically, they’re closed now, but they’ll be open for submissions on March 1st, and this time around, they’re doing something a little different. They want stories on a theme. And not just any theme, my friends. They’re going ape over there. So might I suggest that you get to work right now on your science fiction, fantasy, horror, adventure or romance story with a little chimpanzee (or gorilla, ape, capuchin, or orangutan) thrown in? P.S. They like humor. And I’ve got a monkey on my back just dying to get in a story.

Now on to that sensational contest I promised!  My writing buddy, Chynna Laird, has a sweet little girl who’s sponsoring a writing contest. That’s right. Jaimie guest posts at her mother’s blog and she’s been itching to have a contest of her own. So here’s your chance to make Jaimie’s day and get a little writing practice in. She wants 250 words or less about your best experience ever. The winner will receive a signed copy of Not Just Spirited: A Mom’s Sensational Journey with SPD! Jaimie didn’t say a word about age, so I’m thinking the contest is open to kids as well as adults. So if you know a young writer, maybe you could pass this contest along. I know Jaimie will be thrilled to get lots of entries (by February 29th).

Okay, people. You have plenty to do– and time’s a’wasting. (Good luck!)