Children’s Book Week and Freebies and an Auction, Oh My!

If you’re a children’s writer, you probably already know about Children’s Book Week–but just in case you don’t…wheeee! It’s Children’s Book Week!

What that means for you is the way cool poster by David Wiesner (it’s free!) that you can send off for and have mailed to your very own home or library or school. Or the way cool bookmark by Lane Smith (also free!) that you can print off, paste to cardboard, and have for your very own books. And the Children’s Choice Book Awards (How many have YOU read?) that represent tons of kiddie votes. (P.S. I’ve got some Middle Grade reading to do.)

And now that you’re all pumped up about Children’s Book Week, you’re ready to do what it takes to get your own book out there to the kiddies, right? So you might want to check out the Pens for Paws Auction where writers are auctioning off all kinds of lovely things. Including manuscript critiques! Wheee!

Or maybe you just love kitties. Either way, off you go–the auction’s like Children’s Book Week: Ending May 13th!!!!

Finding Help for Japan (and For You, the Children’s Writer)

I’m not sure how much work I’ll get done this week. I’ll be busy hanging out at the Kidlit4Japan Benefit Auction.

The auction started today, and already I’ve found a few keepers I’m interested in. But I have to pace myself, for there’s sure to be keepers every day for the next couple weeks. Thanks to the awesome organizer and children’s author, Greg R. Fishbone, a TON of generous folks in the kidlit world have signed on their talents to benefit the children in Japan.

You can help these children by making a bid on any of the TONS of books, ARCS, critiques or other services offered. And really, you can help yourself as a writer if you bid on (and win) a critique. But you’ll have to raid your penny jar and maybe your friend’s piggy bank to afford a critique. It’ll be worth every penny, though, and go to a wonderful cause (besides yourself, I mean).

But if you don’t have enough to bid,  check out a SCBWI newsletter for helpful and free information. You can find my Southern Breeze region’s newsletter here. And a week or so ago, I came across Kite Tales, from the Southern California region, where you’ll find lots of swell interviews. Then send a prayer or two, instead.

Because you can make a difference in the world. Every. Little. Bit. Helps.

Finding a Good Cause

I’m kinda fond of my next-door neighbor, Tennessee. So when all those folks in Nashville and the surrounding area found themselves in the midst of flash floods and the ensuing difficulties, I wondered what I could do to help.

A group of YA authors from Tennessee felt the same way. So they came up with Do the Write Thing for Nashville. When you go there, you’ll find an auction with all the proceeds going to the Tennessee relief efforts.

And what can you bid on? Autographed YA books, critiques from editors, consults from agents, and all kinds of other writer/reader goodies. So, not only can you help a good cause, but you can also help your own writing cause. 

Take a look, and lend a hand. It’s the neighborly thing to do, y’all.