Writing Buddies and How They Inspire Us

ImageI can’t tell you how important it is to have writing buddies in this business.

For critique partners, for commiserating over rejection, for celebrating success, for understanding the ups and downs of a crazy business .

Um…I guess I actually can tell you how important it is to have writing buddies. But I left out one important reason to have writing buddies.


When I see a friend’s success, it inspires me to keep at it. I know the journey’s long, but I’m encouraged when friends make it. It proves that the hard work pays off.

So when I saw that a long-time writing buddy of mine had garnered a two-book deal from a big-time publisher, I was well and truly thrilled for her! She and I…

Um…you know what? I’m just going to send you over to The Muffin to read my post about the lovely and prolific Beth Cato. You’re going to love her advice–and I guarantee you’ll be inspired!

Writing buddies. Don’t start in this business without ’em.