Friday’s Fun Find: Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Think Positive for Kids!

2013-10-10 13.05.44Opening a box with books never gets old, but opening this box was especially fun. I couldn’t wait to read the stories in Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Think Positive for Kids!

I knew a couple friends had stories inside, and it’s always fun for me to see a byline I know and read that story. Sioux Roslawski, who often drops in to comment here, had a story called, “Help By the Bagful” which just about had me in tears. Her story reminded me of an old Andy Griffith episode when Opie wouldn’t give his money to a charity fund. He was saving up for something special. Which just goes to prove that generosity doesn’t just happen in make-believe, but also in the hearts of little boys in Sioux’s class.

Writer friend, Beth Davis Cato (I mentioned her latest success last August) also had a story called, “I Pledge Allegiance.” Her 7th grade courage and patriotism was so inspiring, I got choked up all over again.

Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Think Positive for Kids will go on sale at the end of October. For that Fun Friday, I’ll have a book giveaway and tell you about my story. And maybe a few more encouraging stories. Honestly, these are such good stories–and even grown-up kids need to think positive!

8 thoughts on “Friday’s Fun Find: Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Think Positive for Kids!

  1. Hi Miss Cathy! Sounds like a great book- you must have tons of stories in Chicken Soup! I am working on one to go in “The Dog Did WHAT?” Wish me luck! 🙂 And I love the reference to Andy Griffith- we just watched that episode not too long ago! 🙂

    • Oh, Katherine, how exciting! Of course I wish you luck! And I’m excited, too, that you watch Andy Griffith. That show has a timeless quality about it, don’t you think? 🙂

  2. Hi Cathy,
    Congratulations for being in another Chicken Soup anthology. I love reading your stories as well as those of other familiar Chicken Soupers, so please toss my name in the hat–or is it bowl?

  3. I think my collection of Chicken Soup books has doubled since I’ve known you!!! Each time you have a story in one of them, I go out and buy the book. Isn’t that what friends do??? Keeping my fingers crossed that I’m a giveaway winner. You, dear friend, are ALWAYS a winner!

  4. In a world where bullying is prevalent, it is nice to read stories from wonderful writers about childrens’ good deeds. Kudos to you and all the rest whose stories made it into the book.

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