Tuesday’s Tip: Top 50 Blogs for Writers

Isn’t that a swell-looking award? All bright and shiny and award-y? Isn’t it swell to get awards?

Okay, technically, I didn’t get the award. The Muffin, WOW’s super blog, won that award. A whole handful of wonderful women writers contribute posts to that blog to make it, according to Tribal Messenger Daily, one of the Top 50 Blogs for Writers.

I know a great many of my regular readers also read (and have contributed excellent posts!) to The Muffin, so I’m sure you’re not surprised to find WOW’s blog on the list. But you may find a few surprises on TMD’s list. And maybe you’ll find a blog gem that you’ve missed. There are blogs for freelancers, fiction writers, non-fiction writers…well, there are 50 blogs, so there’s bound to be a blog to have the writing info just right for you.

Meanwhile, I’m moving closer and closer to the Top 5,000 Blogs for Writers as compiled by someone named Ricky who lives in his mom’s basement. Yay, me!


Finding Keepers: A Blog, A Book, and a Market (Oh, My!)


My, oh my. I love books! And I especially love winning books! So, when I saw that I’d won a copy of Crocodaddy by the gifted (and funny-face-making) Kim Norman, I was pretty much beside myself. Want to know how I won?

Here’s the scoop: I popped into Sally Apokedak’s blog All About Children’s Books. Where she just happened to be giving away Crocodaddy. All I had to do was leave a comment with my own version of a Crocodaddy poem. Actually, I wrote three poems, because that’s the way I roll. Not that it gave me a better chance to win. I’m just lucky at winning books. (Some day I’m going to figure out how to transfer that luck to selling books…but that’s an entirely different post.)

Sally reviews lots of books and participates in blog tours and such, and stopping by to see what she’s schmoozin’ about is a great way to get the scoop on what’s hot in the children’s world of literature. And you might meet a witty author, or win a great book.

And now, because a good market is hard to find, I’m throwing in the call out for Learning Through History. If you’ve got an idea for a thrilling article Ireland-related, circa 19th century, you have till June 15th to send your pitch. Remember that LTH is for readers aged 12 – 17 years.

As promised…a blog, a book, and a market. Oh, my. I’ve outdone myself!

Weekend Wishing: Share a Story, Shape a Future

This weekend, I wish to find the time to read the whole week’s worth of posts¬† by all the wonderful folks who put together the Share a Story, Shape a Future blog tour for literacy.

Elizabeth Dulemba, who drew that cute-as-button bear button for the tour, hosted today (check out her blog here). She explores (with all kinds of fab links) the techno-side of reading, which I have to admit, pulls out a mixed-bag of feelings for me.

I’m intrigued by all the technical applications for reading books, and I think these apps appeal to young readers. In fact, my gut tells me that techno-reading is the reading wave of the future. But I love books-the feel, the smell, the intimate experience of being curled up with pages, and I want future generations to enjoy that experience. I guess the technical applications are a little like heaven-I’m all for it, just not ready to get there yet.

And here’s a few other wishes I have, while I’m at it. I wish that every kid finds somebody wonderful to encourage reading, techno or old school. And I wish all kinds of wonderful things for all those who took the time to make the Share a Story, Shape a Future literacy blog tour such a wonderful place to visit!

Tuesday Tips ‘N Things

Here’s a thing: I like to give my posts names, like today’s “Tuesday Tips ‘N Things.” (And I’m kinda big on the alliterative names,too.) Oh, I know you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about, since I haven’t quite gotten around to naming my posts here. Until today. But on my other blog, Cathy C.’s Hall of Fame, I’m a post-naming pro. It helps me focus on what I want to write that day, and keep all those posts notes organized.

When I was blurfing (blog surfing-I’m not giving up on this word) I came across the Blue Rose Girls and a naming contest. Apparently, Alvina likes to give her posts names, too. So, if you can come up with a great, catchy little name for her book posts, send it along to her here. Think fast, though. The contest is over on March 15th! (I sent an idea and I’d like to win that Little, Brown book. BUT, if I don’t win, I’m so using that post name here.)

And here’s a tip: Be nice when you’re out there in blogdom, commenting away. Not that you shouldn’t speak your mind, but you can do so nicely, can’t you? And if you can’t, remember that tried and true momism: if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. ‘Cause those not nice words aren’t going anywhere. Except perhaps back to bite you in the you-know-what.

Blurfing the Net

I kind of like making up new words, like today’s word: blurfing. As in, “You won’t believe what I read yesterday while blurfing the net.” Of course, the spell check thingie will probably drive me crazy, but that’s the price you pay for being the first to combine blogging and surfing. By next week, blurfing will be a household word. At least, in the Cathy C. Hall house. Well, maybe not in the whole house. Maybe just with me. But that’s okay. (It’s lonely at the top.)

So, I was reading all these kid lit blogs, or children’s book review blogs, or just splendiferous blogs, filled with wonderful information,¬† that I wanted to keep reading. I had to add them to the KEEPERS list, ’cause that’s what a keeper is, right?

Try blurfing yourself, and I’ll bet you’ll find all kinds of amazing things. And hey, if you come across a keeper, let me know. I’ll blurf right over!