More Brain Stuff

So I picked up my AARP magazine–well, not my AARP magazine, the Beneficent Mr. Hall’s AARP magazine–and started reading an article on how getting out of your comfort zone is good for you and your brain.

How weird is that? I mean, I’m giving away Chicken Soup’s Boost Your Brain Power (you still have time to comment and win if you go HERE) and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying all the suggestions in the comments for ways to boost my brain power, and then bam! The article in AARP.

So I said to Mr. Hall, “We should do something different every day, get out of our comfort zone, make ourselves brilliant.”

Of course, Mr. Hall thinks he’s already brilliant, but he played along. “Like what?”

I told him I had tickets for that show, Family Feud. It’s filming at the Fox, here in the ATL next week. “And you’re going,” I said.

“What?” he said. “I don’t want to be on that show. I’d have to come up with stuff like…I don’t even know. And I’d have to get dressed up. And–”

I seriously could not take another minute of Mr. Hall’s craziness. “Do you honestly think that if you were going to be ON Family Feud NEXT WEEK, I’d just now be telling you about it?”

He toddled off to bed. But I threw a copy of Boost Your Brain Power after him. That man needs a lot more help than an article from the AARP magazine.

(P.S. The AARP website has some cool brain games you can try to boost your brain power. I’ve been working out regularly, but I’m starting to worry. I could end up with a super brain while the Beneficent Mr. Hall…not so much.)