Friday’s Fun Find: Juniorest Hall, The Copywriter

Sometimes, when I’m piddling trying to work through manuscript snafus, I clean up around the old home office. Recently, I came across this card, penned by (then 8 year-old) Juniorest Hall. Apparently, we were going to the beach and leaving The Beneficent Mr. Hall behind.

On the top of the card, he wrote:


But it’s the bottom of the card where his true talent comes out:

Notice the carefully drawn frown. Only on Juniorest Hall’s face. Juniorette Hall was standing beside me when I came across the card. Her remark: “Wow. Way to throw us all under the bus, John.”

But I don’t know. I think the kid’s got a future in the card business.

(If you have an idea for a whole card, you might want to check out the guidelines here or here or here, too. And if you’re the Queen of Quips, check out Ephemera. But seriously, y’all, I’ve got some more piddling work to do.)