And Speaking of Contests…

I spent ALL morning, trying to get my card entry to work for the Hallmark Greeting Card Competition for Teens. Honestly, it wasn’t that great of an idea but at a certain point, it comes down to principle, right? So I zipped over to the Facebook page for help and someone suggested I go through the contest link on the FB page. And voila! My sucky card uploaded. If you have an idea, you better hurry. The contest ends on the 22nd. On the other hand, it only takes about 3 minutes to enter, if you know the secret handshake. Which you do. Now.

But if you’re looking for something a little more child-writer-friendly, you might want to consider the Kay Snow Writing Contest. There are several categories, but the one I’m considering is the Juvenile story. There’s also a fee ($15.00) but the prizes are nice. You’ve got all weekend to work on your entry, then postmark it on Monday, the 23rd (the deadline).

And now, because I’ve got the hang of the Hallmark contest, I may try another. I wrote a poem for my post at The Muffin today that might work out. It’s not necessarily a good poem, but my first card entry wasn’t so good, either.

P.S. I bought that St. Patrick’s Day pin from a Hallmark store many, many years ago.  So if they ever have a St. Paddy’s Day contest, I’ve got a really good caption.

Finding a Contest: Kay Snow Writing Contest

When I sat down, my hair was wet. Now it’s dry. It’s not easy finding a good contest for those of us who write children’s stories. But perseverance paid off!

The Kay Snow Writing Contest, sponsored by the Willamette Writers, is looking for juvenile fiction (short stories), book excerpts, or an article, as long as it doesn’t go over 1500 words. Easy-weezy, right? Well-l-l-l, you only have till Aprill 23, 2009.

I know. I’m sorry to spring it on you like this ’cause there’s a fifteen dollar entry fee (unless you’re a Willamette Writer). That’s a bit of money that you want to spend wisely, right?  So, check out the guidelines here and for heaven’s sakes, follow the guidelines carefully!

I have a story I want to send but it needs some spit and polish. And I intend to polish that fiction till it shines like, um, something really, really shiny.

Hmm. I better write better than that if I hope to win this contest.