Swooning for Libraries

The very first time I saw a Little Free Library, I think I sort of swooned. That’s how much I love those little lending libraries on a stick.

To be honest, I swoon over just about every library–big, cavernous libraries and small, cozy ones. I like them modern or musty, downtown or hometown. I’ve had a love affair with libraries since I was a wee little girl.

Like when everybody else sang along to Seventy-Six Trombones in The Music Man, I knew every word to Marian the Librarian.


I do so love my libraries. And I tell you why over at my Muffin post today. I hope you’ll take a look–oh! And you’ll also get to see a Little Free Library.


(P.S. I’m off again for a few days to visit the parents, but I promise to catch up with you all when I get back. Or maybe you could leave good news in a comment? That’s always fun!)