Great Big Gobs of Good Writing Stuff (Tuesday Twitter Finds)

Whenever I flit over to Twitter, I always find a lot of good writing stuff. I don’t always read the good writing stuff because there comes a time when I must actually write the (hopefully) good stuff. But I mark the stuff that you might be interested in so that I can share. Thus, Tuesday Twitter Finds (at least, for this Tuesday. You know I won’t remember to flit over to Twitter every Tuesday, right?)

Biographile’s  (That’s such a cool name and a very cool site) having a Short Memoir Contest and giving away a Nook. A Nook Tablet, to be exact. So that’s pretty awesome for writing 1000 words or less. The theme is “Overcoming loss” and the deadline’s Monday, April 23. Get all the details and submit here.

Chuck Sambuchino’s celebrating the release of his new book (Red Dod/Blue Dog) with a sweet giveaway. Heck, you might even have a picture of your dog in his book (Oh! Let us know if you do!) But whether you do or not, you can win some swell writing books and a critique from Chuck if your name is randomly drawn. ‘Course, you can’t randomly win if you don’t randomly enter. So go here and leave a comment (and check out the cute dogs!).

And if you have a way cool literary tattoo, you’ll want to enter LitReactor’s Literary Tattoo Showdown. To be perfectly clear (in case the Beneficent Mr. Hall is perusing here) Cathy C. Hall does not have a tat. But if I were ever to get one (and that would assume that the Beneficent Mr. Hall was no longer with us), it would be a literary tattoo. I could see myself wearing a line from a favorite book, or even a favorite pic (one of the tattoos I saw for the contest was Scout in the ham costume from To Kill a Mockingbird. I wish I had the coolness to pull that one off.) Now, you don’t have a lot of time here (Friday, April 13) but if you’ve always wanted a literary tattoo, today might be the perfect day for a little ink. Assuming you are a not a member of the Hall household.

And finally, the last Twitter Find is a reminder to you about the contest going on here at my little ‘ol blog for a copy of Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Presents Flush Fiction. You’ll want to comment here, on this lovely post, but you need to go here if you want your name included. And if you get a tattoo with a toilet on it, I seriously will send you a copy of Flush Fiction myself. (Assuming you are not a member of the Hall household.)

Finding a Giveaway

Okay, I know here at Finders & Keepers, we’re all about the children’s writing.  But every once in awhile, you come across a how-to book that’s a keeper for any kind of writing. And that’s why I’m mentioning The Power Of Memoir over at Cathy C.’s Hall of Fame. Linda Joy Meyers and her book are currently blog-touring, and I’m so glad they stopped at the Hall of Fame! I hope you’ll take a few minutes to stop by the Hall of Fame, too.

Because I know you’ll enjoy reading Linda Joy Meyers’ thoughts on Accidental Enlightenment. And because I think “accidental writing” can lead you to some wonderful places, whether you write for adults or children. So expand your horizons and maybe your library if you win the book! Be sure to comment for your chance. BUT, comment at the Hall of Fame, please, if you want to be entered in the drawing.

And while I’m mentioning blog tours, I’d like to add that next week (March 23, to be exact), here at Finders & Keepers, Bonnie Hearn Hill will be visiting with her YA Fantasy/Romance called Aries Rising. And you’ll have a chance to win this keeper, as well as hear Bonnie’s answers to Five Keeper Questions about YA writing. Oh, and here’s a little teaser: astrology.

So y’all come back, now, y’hear? (Um, my Southern roots accidentally popped in. There’s probably a story there.)